Certified Green Garage

The ARA’s Green Garage Program is a self-certification program designed specifically for ARA member automotive repair shop owners and managers that not only care about the environment, but who also wish to become recognized as responsible environmental stewards in their local communities. By becoming a Green Garage you are committing to implementing and maintaining in your shop, the environmental work practices as detailed in the accompanying guidance book.

There are four basic steps to becoming certified as an ARA Green Garage:

  1. Review program guidelines by downloading and reading the program guidebook below.
  2. Download the self-audit checklist below and conduct your facility self-assessment. Correct any deficiencies found and take photos where instructed. You will upload photos during the application process.
  3. Register to become an ARA Green Garage by completing the application form. 
  4. Upon submission, you will be sent to PayPal to complete the registration fee payment.

That’s it, it’s really quite simple. After you have submitted all the necessary information, the administration will review your application. You will be notified of the status of your application by email, and once approved, your signage will be shipped to you and you will be granted the right to identify and advertise your shop as an ARA Green Garage as well participate in any ARA Green Garage sponsored marketing programs.

This program is available exclusively to ARA members in good standing


STEP 1: Download/read the program guidebook:

STEP 2: Download the self-assessment checklist:

STEP 3: Complete the application form

There is no registration fee

Additional Resources for Managing Waste Water – Automotive Industry:

Regulations are in place to safeguard the wastewater system and protect the environment. Automotive industry operators are required to comply with the Sewer Use Bylaw. The Sewer Use Bylaw restricts the discharge of specific pollutants (including oil and grease, grit and solvents) into the sanitary sewer system.

Metro Vancouver has created additional resources to help automotive repair operators comply with managing wastewater safely and responsibly. To download a copy of these guidelines, please click here.


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