Certified Auto Glass Service

For industry, this program identifies glass repair facilities that demonstrate a commitment to service excellence through investment and training to achieve the highest levels of industry standards. The ARA certifies service providers that meet and maintain standards of performance for customer service, training, and repair quality. Consumers can be confident that their vehicle is properly repaired when choosing an ARA Certified AutoGlass Service (CAGS) provider.

For consumers, you can be confident in your choice of service provider and know your vehicle is properly repaired when you deal with an ARA Certified AutoGlass Service (CAGS) provider. CAGS service providers will:

  • Provide a clear explanation of the repair process and a written quote with no hidden fees or surprises;
  • Offer a stress-free claims process;
  • Use the latest tools and technology;
  • Return your vehicle to its original factory specifications; and,
  • Provide a lifetime guarantee honoured throughout the ARA certified network as long as you own the vehicle.

Become a member of CAGS

The Automotive Retailers Associations (ARA) Certified AutoGlass Services (CAGS) program is an initiative driven by and for the glass repair industry. The program is voluntary and open to all glass repair providers.

The program provides the member the ability to prove they have achieved the highest industry standard for quality, safety and service in the repair and replacement of automotive glass. Achieved through a third party independent review, it provides consumer confidence that your facility is qualified to complete repairs on today’s complex vehicles.

First year members also  qualify for a credit from Can-Am and/or IGD when purchasing products:

Can-Am: $500 credit against purchases of any products valued at $5,000 over a 90-day period.

IGD: $150 credit when you purchase $500 worth of product.

Step 1: Download/read the program guide

Step 2: Complete the application form

Step 3: CAGS program manager will review the application for errors and omissions

Step 4: Pay for CAGS membership

Step 5: ARA arranges for audit and assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the step-by-step instructions here. The Automotive Glass Technician Practical Assessment Application is the first step to substantiate the skills required of an Automotive Glass technician in the province of British Columbia.

Our staff is familiar with all insurers, we make the claim process easy and in most cases, your claim is created immediately.

Hidden damage, improperly prepared metal, misuse of adhesives, substandard glass are factors that compromise both your safety and the integrity of your vehicle. “Certified” shops guarantee your vehicle has been repaired to OEM specs.

Correct parts and installation is critical. 30% of a vehicle’s structural integrity is dependent upon the windshield. Your vehicle will only perform correctly if it meets original factory specification.

While most technicians should hold the same credentials, many use out dated procedures and materials. Our program ensures technicians use the latest practices through on-going education requirements.