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Program Rules

The ARA’s recycler certification program is an industry led quality assurance program designed to enhance the utilization of recycled parts in the collision and mechanical repair process.

A recycler achieves certification by enrolling his/her management and employees in a series of online courses at the ARA Training Centre of Excellence.

Each course module focuses on a specific aspect of automotive recycling and is designed to instruct the employee on industry best practices. There are three courses in all:

  1. Dismantler Training: Any employee whose job it is involves the environmental processing and/or dismantling of vehicles for parts will need to complete this module.
  2. Inventory Management: Any employee, whose job involves the inventory, grading and/or communicating parts descriptions and quality, will need to complete this module.
  3. Standards of Performance: Any employee whose job involves managing, sales and/or communicating and/or reconciling parts orders with repair facilities is required to complete this module.
  4. Collision Repair facility Relations: This module is required for managers and all employees involved with parts sales and inventory management.

Employees will be required to complete each assigned module and pass a test. A follow-up evaluation will be required in order to maintain certification. New employees will be required to complete the training modules applicable to his/her roles and responsibilities within the organization. Existing employees may also be required to re-take modules in the event of changes to the curriculum or a poor performance evaluation.